13/02/13 – Racing Stripes

Progress on the build is slow but steady! The car is nearing completion with an ever smaller ‘To Do’ list, and the next few weeks will hopefully see the build finished.

The engine is in, brakes are done, windows are done, and the car is currently being wired by the genius that is Damien McAuley (or V8 Damo as he’s more commonly known) and will be ready for collection in a couple of weeks.

Mk1 nears completion

Interior almost finished

One of most exciting bits of progress for me however, has been the design of the decals. Decals can make or break a car, and I really wanted the decals on the Mk1 to be sympathetic to the minimal 60s look, while being unique. Graphic designer and Mini fanatic Maxi came up with a simple but really clever design, and I can’t wait to get them on the car!

Mk1 Decals

Watch this space!

by Neil Kavanagh

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