03/03/15 – One for the road!

After the issues with the 1480, I decided the last thing I wanted was the car to be sitting in the workshop unused. And, not having the luxury of a road Mini, decided that a new road-friendly engine was in order!

An A+ 1275 unit was sourced from a scrapped ’94 Sprite, given a service and coat of paint and installed. The suspension was changed for a smoother ride, carpets fitted and a new 15″ Mota Lita wood-rim steering wheel fitted.

Photo 10-01-2015 11 33 24Photo 15-02-2015 11 34 43

Despite the inclement weather we’ve been getting, the car has been used more in the last few weeks than possibly over the last few years!

Photo 08-02-2015 22 30 3010845633_10204563693670091_7093939602727365335_o10899994_10204563703070326_5843548930604668575_o10984595_10204563695230130_2593375328511989206_o

Despite all the fun I’ve been having, the mischief of the 1480 is too much to resist. All going well it should be back in action soon!

Neil Kavanagh