30/11/15 – New Year’s Resolutions

The last few months have been reasonably quiet. I showed the car off a little at various shows and events and also managed to get it out at Mondello in October for a test!

The day was a write-off from the very beginning, however, with a fuel flow issue which would only allow me to get a lap in before the engine started to give out. After replacing every component in the ignition and fuel systems, it turns out that a blocked fuel filter was the culprit! Lesson learned!

So what’s the plan for the new year?

Well, as well as doing more testing over the coming months, the goal for 2016 is to compete at a few races dotted throughout the year (in Ireland and possibly even the UK) and to finally get the car to FIA Appendix K specification – though this means Paul Hickey will be building me yet another new engine as the 1480 is not permitted!

There are other minor modifications needed to the car, but hopefully nothing too scary or costly. Famous last words, I know. Particularly with an expensive wedding looming!

Any way, here are some recent photos of the car.

Sporting new stickers from E Fox Engineering who’s innovative sponsorship scheme I signed up to.

File 05-10-2015 14 24 22

At E Fox Engineering’s ‘Minis and Muffins’ day.

File 05-10-2015 14 19 50

With Paul Hickey of Hickey Race Engineering explaining the 1480 engine to some interested onlookers at the annual Spirit of Dunboyne event.

File 05-10-2015 14 22 12

At Mondello on another expertly run track day with the OTD gang.

Neil Kavanagh