12/09/16 – Slowly but surely

Not a hugely exciting update, but certainly a long overdue one!

An expensive wedding in April meant that most of the available funds were taken up, so the car hasn’t been on track, unfortunately! I have managed, however, to make some small improvements to the car over the last few months as well as bringing it to a few shows.

I managed to pick up a set of used Koni FIA front dampers, a Maniflow stage 3 RCM exhaust system, new competition cones plus a few other small bits and pieces too. Just got the car back from the rolling road and the exhaust alone has made a HUGE improvement to the power figures throughout the rev range. The car is booked in for a test day in Mondello in October so can’t wait to get it back out. The previous fuelling issue seems sorted now too so really looking forward to it!