29/11/19 – Reflections: Mondello Historic Festival

This post is a long one so I hope you’re comfortable! After back-to-back weekends of debuting both the Tom Pitcher 1275GT and Richie Redmond’s Cooper S at the Mondello Historic Festival and Oulton Park Gold […]

19/07/19 – New Sponsor: Deane Motors

Racing is a privilege and, for us, it just wouldn’t be possible without help and support from others. We’re incredibly lucky to know some like-minded people who have been behind our ambitions since day one […]

29/04/19 – Introducing, Team Eire

While Historic Racing is enjoying increasing popularity and professionalism across the world – for most people, like me – it is still purely a hobby. And an expensive and time-consuming hobby, at that! So, how […]

10/02/18 – Tom Pitcher Group 1b 1275GT

The Back Story: This project has been a long time in the making, and what a relief it is to finally share it with you! My partner in crime with all things Mini racing is […]

27/09/17 – Winter Is Coming

It’s been a busy year and I’ve been using the Mk1 as much as possible over the last few months…bringing it to IMM, doing lots of track days and also entering the car into the […]

14/03/17 – Track Time

The winter has been all about getting as much track time in as possible so we’ve been to Mondello 3 times so far since New Year’s Eve! The Mk1 has been performing fantastically and was […]

27/10/16 – Testing, testing…

After the hassle with fuel starvation the last time I had the car on track, I finally managed to get some decent track time in! We brought the car down to Octane Track Days’ OTD29, […]

12/09/16 – Slowly but surely

Not a hugely exciting update, but certainly a long overdue one! An expensive wedding in April meant that most of the available funds were taken up, so the car hasn’t been on track, unfortunately! I have […]

30/11/15 – New Year’s Resolutions

The last few months have been reasonably quiet. I showed the car off a little at various shows and events and also managed to get it out at Mondello in October for a test! The […]

29/07/15 – Back on Track

Thanks to some detective work and late nights in the garage, the Mk1 now has its 1480 back together and is ready to hit the track! In fact, it already did hit the track at Classic […]