19/01/15 – One step forward…two steps backward!

Well, the 1480cc engine build concluded long ago, but a lot has happened since! The engine was fitted and run-in, with my first experience of driving it leaving me absolutely speechless and with a big smug […]

10/07/14 – The Engine Room

In my last update I hinted at a new engine for the car which, I’m excited to say, will be a stonking 1480cc full race engine! Paul Hickey of Hickey Race Engineering has been hard at work over the […]

04/04/14 – Upgrades

Long time, no update! Since my last update I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve driven the Mini on a 1500km trip to the Goodwood Revival, taken the engine out to fix an oil leak, fitted a […]

08/07/13 – Show Time

The Irish Classic and Vintage Motor Show in Terenure College, Dublin has been a favourite of mine since I started my life of Mini ownership. Apart from it being my local show, it’s also the largest […]

09/06/13 – Finishing Touches

A long overdue update, but progress was a few hours here and there over the last few months. The last month in particular however, has been a different story with lots of long hours put […]

13/02/13 – Racing Stripes

Progress on the build is slow but steady! The car is nearing completion with an ever smaller ‘To Do’ list, and the next few weeks will hopefully see the build finished. The engine is in, brakes […]

18/11/12 – Mk1 Racer – The Story So Far

After a shunt I had in my race car in 2009…I became disillusioned with Motorsport. Surely there must be a greater reward for all the money and time spent? So, I sold off a lot of […]